Thursday, 16 February 2012

Enterprise - PINPOINT


* Mitch Weaver
* Luis Bachini
* Michael Mooney
* Alex Slippens


To begin with, this was the hardest task to deal with as we did not want to come up with a name that is generic and implies the wrong idea. Although the name is not too important as the aim is to build a successful business. We felt that this was a much more direct aspect in which we would be able to understand exactly what it is we are pushing for.

Pinpoint came out on top of our ideas. Essentially the word speaks for itself, direct and targeted. Much like how we want to promote ourselves throughout the market. With this in mind we now have a easier route to what it is we are actually setting up.


Potential logo / Typeface ideas. These have been developed by myself, as I want to take a more geometric and minimalist route into branding the company. Also I feel that it clearly represents graphic design from a first glance. Although there is not much show of colour, I am going to briefly go over rough ideas to gain a better visual understanding.


What we are / do ? - A visual magazine showcasing upcoming designers, illustrators, typography and photography. With a main aim to help promote and showcase graduates, freelance designers.

The idea is to create a monthly magazine that allows the audience to connect with up coming designers. Essentially allowing the features to get exposure. We want to focus on the main fields of trade as this would allow a clear path to take the magazine in to.

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