Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PPD - Samples of Work / Task 3

1. Jordan Puopolo

Simple and clean cut promotional design, extended with a product range as a contextual set. What I find particularly interesting about the pieces of promotional material, how it works together. The choice of stock, spot colour and dimension ratios allow a clear sense of unity within the work.

2. Foreign Policy 2009 Calender

A calendar created by Foreign Policy that represent a visual connection between an expansion of the studio into a new country. From New York to Singapore. As their name itself stands alone as a much more political association, they have managed to play on this slightly by creating an informative context within the overall design of the calendar. An effective approach to promotion to say the least.

3. Noem 9 Studio

Illustrative, image based promotional design created by Noem 9 to expand the practice they focus on alongside products it could be based on. As a set of images, each piece of work and design relates effectively against one another, incorporating type, image and colour. This approach to promotion is something myself as a designer, should be looking to creating. By doing this I would be able to create a sense of consistency with myself and my work.

4. Hydro 74

Although these are relatively old now, I remember seeing these business cards or should I say coin last year. Created by Hydro 74, a professional designer and illustrator who has an archive of constantly growing pieces of work. What I admire the most about his approach to designing work, is the intricate and well crafted digital Illustrations that create an identity of style. This again is something I can start to work towards myself, pushing the creativity in promotion.

5. Fuscare Clothing

This is a clothing company called Fuscare, who's current line of apparel revolves around up to date trends and symbology. The promotional design work and illustrative t-shirt designs are something I find appealing within my own interests. Although there is not an extensive overall visual aesthetic, the overall presentation, that is targeted towards the audience. Works effectively and creativity.

Image of Lone Wolf

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