Monday, 8 October 2012

Tasks - Tutorial


5  Things I did not know before the break ...

-Illustration is what I am going to do for definite as a career and throughout my final year. As I feel more confident through practicing more thoroughly throughout the recent summer.
- I now realise that in order to be successful through design, I need to bring more to the table than just 'graphic design' meaning, hardcore music is one of my many interests. I aim to eventually produce album artwork / merchandise designs for bands.
- Becoming freelance straight after graduation may not be the most ideal route to take financially. In order to build up my funds, I need to think about working within a studio for a few years.
- Self promotion should be taken more seriously and I need to focus on pushing myself to create a presence online, industrially and physically with my design work. This would allow me to have a better chance of gathering clients.
- Time is more valuable than I actually realised. Eventually after graduation every minute counts, in order to meet deadlines and actually get paid for doing a design / illustration job.

5  Things I would do differently...

- Make the most of what I do have around me. Limits are possibilites after all. Even though summer hasn't been particularly eventful, productive due to my background. I should be focussing more on what I do have and less on what I don't.
- Focus on contacting professionals and building up contacts. Considering the amount of time I had 'free' I did not capitalise on this. Something I particularly regret.
- Create a means to create money with my practice. Although saying that I did not have the means, motivation or even the mindset. I won't go into too much detail on that though.
- Promote myself, at least once a week. In a creative approach. Saying that I do put my illustrations on facebook and tumblr, although they just seem to build up a small audience and nothing has yet come directly from it. I guess that is down to be to consider.
- Think about who I do know. This could have led to some potential design work, possibly not paid but at least I might have actually put my work into the public domain. `

5  Things I will address this semester...

- Design strategy. Logically this is an essential part to completing level six, but I need to create and apply my skills / practice to an effective work rate. Something I should be constantly working towards.
- Where I actually am going ? At the moment I have literally no idea, or if so very vague. The actual direction I am going to be taking my practice towards. Must work on this weekly.
- Application is crucial. I need to effectively place my illustrations onto formats, that directly speak to the audience through visual communication.
- Context. Similar to the above, but making my illustrations relevant to the subject matter. Would allow a more in depth, clear practice to completing a brief.
- Finances. I need to consider working out an effective and essential financial plan to allow myself the best start after my graduation. Otherwise, I think I am going to be screwed.

5  Things I feel we could address as a group...

- Presentation skills. I feel that this would be useful as it would allow our year group to be more confident, if not already in speaking to a crowd.
- Putting together, financial strategies. Although this could relate to the enterprise module from last year, I feel it would benefit us to refresh on it.

5 Things I would like to know about professionalism...

- As an illustrator especially freelance, what is the most effective approach to take to create clients ?
- What are the first and foremost crucial steps to take to becoming a success ?
- As you do need to make an income out of this, what is the best route to take to find a balance between  personal projects and making money ?
- In the illustration industry, is it important to have a visual style to your work ? Or should it be contextually developed to suit the brief ?
- How do you make the most out of a conversation between a client and yourself, potentially increasing the amount of payment you will receive ?

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