Thursday, 16 December 2010

What If... Self Evaluation

What If… Self Evaluation

The problem our group came to identify was the amount of waste being produced at Leeds festival every year. Initially we had more of a broad base to start with having ‘recycling’ as a whole to deal with. We started researching into the festival to see what is already being done to improve this problem.

We began looking online through various websites to gain secondary quantitative data that tackle litter throughout Leeds city and the festival. Although the official festival website did have a large section on partners they are working with and measures they have put in place for people to follow, it did not communicate an effective approach to dealing with the problem. From this we now had a good base and direction to work with. We sent out questionnaires to gather primary qualitative research on Facebook to gather information from people that have attended the festival. We gained some good feedback from a number of people, each with their own opinions.

The information that we gathered showed that more people would be inclined to recycle their waste if they received an incentive of some kind. This gave us the necessary outline in which to base our project around. People didn’t want to clean up their waste without being rewarded. As tickets can become really expensive for the festival, it became clear that most people did not want to clean up after themselves.

To gain even more research and then lead on to a better outcome would have been more useful to us in terms of producing final outcomes. I didn’t really know where to go with this project, which definitely led to a downfall.

Things I have learned during this project:
- Research isn’t all about gathering images, you have to actually go out and gather information.
- Cooperate with your group more.
- Get down to the core of the problem and leave ideas open.
- Don’t be afraid to get things wrong, you learn from your mistakes.
- Make the most out of the problem, there will always be something you can do better.

Next time I would:
- Research into a problem thoroughly.
- Work as a group more effectively and don’t let one person dictate your ideas.
- Development, develop and more development.
- Gather more primary research, go out to the target audience and ask what they want first hand.
- Don’t stick to one idea and let it create the outcome for you.

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