Wednesday, 6 June 2012

PPD - Spreading the Word / Task 6


At the moment I do not want to increase the amount of websites I am using to showcase my work, as I feel that most of them would become redundant and a dead space. Wasting my own time and possibly potential clients and contacts. To begin with I started running a Facebook page, where I was able to spread a few pieces of my work and Illustrations amongst friends and mutual acquaintances. As I found that most of my most inspiring illustrators base themselves around getting work out with this approach alongside other social media sites. My tumblr has only recently progressed into action, as I am not more comfortable with the overall layout, navigation and understanding of the site. With this at the moment I am going to use this as the main basis as to where my website falls, or would be in the future.


Primarily showcasing my work, personal illustrations and anything creative that I have been doing. Although it is only recently that I have decided to start using it effectively. It has allowed me to understand the full potential of the site.

Facebook - mitchweaverillustration

The first step I took into involving myself within an online presence as it became easily accesible running next to my personal Facebook page. The majority of inspiring illustrators and designers that I follow, also uses this as a promotional advantage to displaying themselves and their practice.

Full Circle / Live Art -
A recent art exhibition and event held at full circle, where a group of students studying art & design interdisciplinary showcased some of the most recent projects. With this I was asked to participate in live illustration piece alongside another artist. Although this was not a huge event with a lot of people, I still was able to produce a piece of work in front of an audience. Where they were able to ask me about my work and even analyse my process. Some comments I found personal and unsettling to say the least, because I had not experienced a reception like that before. Altogether though I found this a boost in my confidence and direction with my practice.


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