Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Alphabet Soup: Rational

What is being communicated and how?

The word 'vanish' is being visually communicated through typography, by taking the word literally and exploring different ideas to make a letter vanish.

How well does this answer the brief?

I think my ideas answer the brief fairly well as I have been abled to develop a greater understanding on typography and the different elements that make up a letter form. My final idea met the brief, but I think I needed to spend more time developing it further, to give it that edge.

How well has the idea been visually explored?

I have explored the idea visually through using my own drawing skills and researching into possible outcomes, that led to ideas that make up the word 'vanish'. By doing this I was able to generate a better understanding and broaden my ideas.

What are the strengths of the resolution?

The final images stand out quite well as a sequence, they are bold, clear and the legible which I feel I have kept to the brief.

How could it be improved?

To improve my idea, I think I need to experiment with different skills other than drawing by hand to visually communicate the outcome. By doing this I would be able to create a more appealing image to the eye.

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