Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Enterprise - How will I promote myself ?

Essentially the best way for myself to get seen and get my work out there, is to take up opportunities that will benefit my career in design. Being selective is crucial in order to get noticed in a particular industry of interest. For example, producing and designing my own t-shirt designs will allow the market to buy the product and also my Illustration.

Freelancing is something I aspire to be successful in, as I do not want to tie myself down to any particular field or agency. Using social networking, business cards and creatively contact professionals and areas of interest (clients) will enable a chance to one, showcase my work and two notify the potential employee my aims and what I can achieve for them.

By allowing myself to create pieces of print (zines, screen prints, business cards, t-shirts, flyers etc.) will not only give me the means necessary of developing those skills, but also allow a potential client to see my skills through areas of design.



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